KDS Accessories Ltd IPO Lottery Result Published- www.kdsaccessories.com

KDS Accessories Ltd IPO Lottery Result Published- www.kdsaccessories.com. Download KDS Accessories Ltd IPO Result.  KDS Accessories Ltd IPO Lottery Result has been published on September 10, 2015. KDS Accessories Ltd IPO Lottery Result has been published on KDS Accessories Ltd and DSE website as well. KDS Accessories Ltd IPO Lottery was held on September 10, 2015 at Chittagong Club at 10.00am. We also updated KDS Accessories Ltd IPO Lottery Result here. Now you can download KDS Accessories Ltd IPO Result from here. KDS Accessories Ltd IPO over subscript over 30 times than IPO size. Click below link for KDS Accessories Ltd IPO Result.

Download KDS Accessories Ltd IPO Lottery Result-

KDS Accessories Ltd IPO Subscription: KDS Accessories Ltd IPO subscription will start from August 09, 2015. KDS Accessories Ltd IPO subscription period for General Public & NRB is from August 09, 2015 to August 20, 2015. Foreign currency required for NRB and Foreign applicants (Per Lot) is USD 64.60 or GBP 41.83 or EUR 59.03. Investors can submit KDS Accessories Ltd IPO application only through their respective brokerage house. See details KDS Accessories Ltd IPO from below.

KDS Accessories Ltd IPO at a glance
Subscription: August 09, 2015 to August 20, 2015
Market Lot: 250 shares per share@Tk.20 Total Tk.5000/=
EPS: Tk 2.29 NAV: Tk 19.63
Total Shares: 1.20 Crore
General Public (60%):  28,800 lots
Affected Investors (20%): 9,600 lots
NRB (10%): 4,800 lots
Mutual Fund (10%): 4,800 lots
Total (100%): 48,000 lots

Short Summary of KDS Accessories Ltd IPO

KDS Accessories Ltd IPO Approved:- Bangladesh Securities and Exchange Commission (BSEC) approved KDS Accessories Ltd Bangladesh IPO on May 27, 2015 at a regular 545th meeting of the commission. KDS Accessories Limited will upload 1.20 crore shares of Tk.10/= each at offer value of Tk.20/= with a premium of Tk.10. KDS Accessories Ltd Bangladesh will raise TK24.00 crore through initial public offerings (IPO).

KDS-Acessories-logoAccording to the financial statements of KDS Accessories Ltd which was ended on December 31, 2013, the EPS- Earning Per Share was TK2.29/- and NAV- Net Asset Value is TK19.63/-.

According to the prospectus, KDS Accessories Ltd will use the IPO fund to  repayment of Bank Loan, for expansion of business and to meet up its IPO expenses. Alliance Financial Services Ltd is the issue manager of KDS Accessories Ltd IPO.

KDS Accessories Ltd is a sister concern of KDS Group Bangladesh. KDS Accessories Ltd works in the most comprehensive range of apparel Trims and Packaging products and services. The products of KDS Accessories Ltd is Packaging, Thread, Label & Tags, Hangers, Poly bags, Printing and Heat Transfer. It also offers Supply Chain Solutions and Trims Solutions.

KDS Accessories Ltd Dhaka Office is located at Road 4, House 63, Block C, Banani, Dhaka 1213.

For more information about KDS Accessories Ltd IPO you can visit Bangladesh National Insurance Company Ltd website www.kdsaccessories.com. All necessary information about KDS Accessories Ltd IPO may also be found at DSE website.

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