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92nd IBB Banking Diploma Exam New Routine 2021 | Ibb.org.bd. Check 92nd IBB banking diploma exam new routine 2021 at www.ibb.org.bd. Ibb.org.bd is the official website of Institute of Bankers’ Bangladesh (IBB) for publishing IBB Banking Diploma Exam Routine 2021. 92nd banking diploma exam was supposed to be started from July 30 but due to Covid 19 situation, the IBB authority postponed the exam. So IBB will publish 92nd IBB banking diploma exam new routine 2021 on IBB official website http://www.ibb.org.bd. So you can check 92nd IBB banking diploma exam rescheduled routine 2021 from IBB official website www.ibb.org.bd. We also update 92nd IBB banking diploma exam new routine 2021 here on resultinbd.net. So examinees can also check 92nd IBB banking diploma exam new routine 2021 from below-

92nd IBB banking diploma exam new routine 2021 [Not published yet]

92nd IBB banking diploma exam postponed notice


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About IBB Banking Diploma Examination: Banking Diploma is a certificate examination. It is a specialized certificate exam for Bankers. Those who pass Banking Diploma get benefited working in the Banks. This also helps in getting promotions. The Institute of Bankers of  Bangladesh (IBB) conducts banking diploma examination.

There are two parts of Banking Diploma Examination- Part-I/ JAIBB & Part-II/DAIBB. JAIBB stands for Junior Associate of the Institute of Bankers, Bangladesh and DAIBB stands for Diplomaed Associate of the Institute of Bankers, Bangladesh. JAIBB Examination is designed to provide basic and fundamental knowledge of banking and DAIBB Examination is to provide the advanced knowledge in the field of banking and allied matters to enable better decision making by bankers.

Part-I/ JAIBB consists of six subjects- (1) Principles of Economis and Bangladesh Economy, (2) Business Communication, (3) Organization and Management, (4) Laws and Practice of Banking, (5) Accounting for Financial Services, (6) Marketing of Financial Services.

Part-II/ DAIBB consists of six subjects. Of six subject, five subjects are compulsory- (1) Management of Financial Institutions, (2) Lending Operations and Risk Management, (3) International Trade and Foreign Exchange, (4) Information Technology in Financial Services, (5) Management Accounting. In addition to the aforesaid compulsory subjects, any one of the following optional subjects shall be chosen by a candidate for passing DAIBB- a) Central Banking and Monetary Policy, (b) Agriculture and Microfinance, (c) SME and Consumer Banking, (d) Islamic Banking, (e) Investment Banking and Lease Financing, (f) Treasury Management

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